Personal Injury/ Transportation

Personal Injury/ Transportation

Our personal injury practice includes any claim in which personal injuries are alleged, including, but not limited to, premises liability, trucking accidents, wrongful death and other workplace accident cases. 

We have an active accident response team that enables us to deploy an attorney and accident reconstruction expert, or other experts as needed, to the scene of the accident. We only employ the most experienced and well-regarded accident reconstruction experts available.

Our experience handling thousands of personal injury cases over the years has enabled us to build relationships with not just accident reconstruction and biochemicals experts, but other experts in a variety of fields useful to our clients. Our long-term relationships with these experts, who typically represent a significant expense in personal injury cases, help us to control costs because we know how the expert works and how to work with them.

Mr. Espey and Mr. Lair are certified by the Texas State Board of Legal Specialization in the area of personal injury. This is a designation that requires not just passing a comprehensive exam, but completion of a required number of personal injury trials that meet specific criteria. It is a designation held by less than 10% of attorneys in the state.

Trial Success Examples

Defense verdict in trucking accident trial in Bexar County

Jurisdiction: Bexar County, TexasIssues/Disposition:We represented an 18 wheel company and driver in a lawsuit where the plaintiff alleged debilitating shoulder and neck injuries in an accident caused by the insured driver. The driver made a right turn and did not see...

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