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Espey & Associates, PC is dedicated to providing each of its clients the highest quality of legal services in a prompt and efficient manner. To achieve and maintain this goal, our firm is committed to ensuring that its attorneys, paralegals and other staff have the highest level of competence and responsibility. To assist in attaining this objective our firm’s personnel are provided with all the resources required including, computerized word processing, docket control, litigation support, management and accounting. Our goal of consistently resolving our clients’ concerns, quickly and economically, is achieved from our experience with, and knowledge of, the business and legal climate of our community.

We consider ourselves trial lawyers more than litigators. We do not litigate cases only to tell our clients at the last minute that the case should not be tried. We are not afraid of the courtroom and as an example our partners have tried over 200 trials. Our firm is interested in the practical and efficient application of the law while providing our clients the maximum legal services. To this end, we make every effort to avoid over-lawyering or double-teaming a particular matter. Our hourly rates are extremely competitive as the firm’s philosophy is to be lean and invest resources only in those areas that will directly benefit our clients.

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