Trial Success Example

Defended Construction Company in Lawsuit Related to Faulty Tresses in Large Multi-Family Complex

Dec 7, 2018

Jurisdiction: In Arbitration; Mark Gilbert, Presiding; Dallas County, Texas
Issues/Disposition: This case was a multi-party construction defect case.  Our defendant was charged with constructing faulty trusses used in the manufacturing of a large townhome complex in Dallas, Texas. Plaintiff alleged that a few years after the completion of the townhomes, the upper floors of the unit began to slope, and doors would not close properly. Plaintiff’s model identified damages in excess of $1,500,000. Our defendant did in fact manufacture the tresses and they were failing. Therefore, at arbitration our plan was to outline the effect that information provided by other parties to the lawsuit had in the failure of the tresses. After a multi-day arbitration that spread out over several months, the arbitrator awarded damages from our client of approximately $112,000. 


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