Trial Success Example

Defended Property Management Company in Suit Brought by Family of a Man Who Died After Being Stabbed to Death at Complex

Dec 7, 2018

Jurisdiction: Bexar County, Texas
Issues/Disposition: We represented the management company for a large apartment complex. A resident had been stabbed by his roommate after a fight. The ambulance’s access was delayed because the complex’s gate had not been updated for the latest emergency access device. The plaintiff’s son then died as a result of the stabbing. This case was complicated by the fact that the decedent’s lover who was responsible for the stabbing, later committed suicide prior to going on trial for the murder. Plaintiff’s last demand before the commencement of the trial was in excess of $5,000,000. After several days of trial, including successful cross examinations of plaintiff’s experts by us and favorable testimony by our medical examiner, plaintiff’s counsel settled the case for less than $600,000 with our client being responsible for less than $200,000. It is noteworthy that our client wanted the case to go to the jury. However, co-defendants in the case wanted to settle prior to the case going to the jury and were willing to contribute more than their share to the settlement. 

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